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Albert mix

The young Danish electronica producer provides insight to his latest work from his ever-evolving catalogue of sparse, intriguing sounds

From the depths of a bedroom in Copenhagen, the newcomer exploring and evolving his sound from hip hop, earlier 2-step endeavours to subtler electronica as of late is a young Albert (real name Magnus Wanscher). After his four-track EP last year, Wanscher returns with 'Lucky' featuring sultry Norwegian singer Anna Lena. The somber track with a typically dark Scandinavian pop element retains his sparse yet textured sounds - arriving earlier this November on east London-based dubstep/electronica label Studio Rockers. Here he makes us an exclusive mix to reveal his expansive tastes and own productions.

Dazed Digital: Who is 'Albert'?
Magnus Wanscher: It's hard to say at this point. Albert wants to be everything at once for better or worse. Albert is the guy that loves rap, hip hop, house, techno, pop etc for what it is. And at the same time hates when the music becomes too generic. Albert is the guy that makes 5-10 different versions of his own tracks - never quite happy. And yet as time pass Albert learns to acknowledge his own work.  I guess thats how Albert “works” at the moment. Hopefully this will change at some point.

DD: How did you meet Anna Lena and what is it about her that works with your sound?
Magnus Wanscher:
The “sad” and unsexy truth about us working together is that we haven't actually met each other (yet).  But I hope to someday! I guess my sound goes well with a feminine touch. The work process and music is (if I have to say it) very emotional - and Annas voice and lyrics just hit the spot. But it was hard to own up to something that good.  Pop music is discipline and in my world very hard to do. 

DD: With quite a few established electronic artists & labels from Copenhagen, do you feel there is a growing local scene or is it still pretty underground? 
Magnus Wanscher: In my opinion it’s hard to talk about an actual underground scene at this point. There are a lot of “heads” out there still, but I think the modern way of consuming and relating to music is just to go with your gut. And not so much what the radio and/or the “elite” is telling you. But if we have to talk an actual underground scene - then YES it is growing in the sense that it is a lot easier to find like minded people. Luckily the internet isn’t that good at keeping secrets.

DD: How would you describe your work?
Magnus Wanscher: I wouldn’t if I couldn’t.

DD: Tell us about the selection of tracks/artists used in your mix?
Magnus Wanscher: Most of the tracks are my own productions. Some Albert tunes and some instrumentals off an electronic rap group called Benal - which I am a part of.  Also the track “Afrika” by the danish group Disquiet (heads up!) and the amazing J. Tijn is in the mix. Finally the Kanvas track is great!

DD: What's next?
Magnus Wanscher: Going to do a lot of work on the Benal project and hopefully some more Albert tunes in the future. Really want to do more vocal bits. :)


1. Benal - Comedown
2. Albert - Sustain
3. Kanvas - Tronic Soul
4. Lucy dub
5. Albert - Birthday Suit
6. Disquiet - Afrika
7. Albert - Drippin the Who
8. J. Tijn - Swanky
9. Albert ft. Anna Lena - Lucky
10. Anna Dub
11. Benal - Stole paa taget (instrumental)
12. Benal - Hjaelp (Instrumental)