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Zombie Nation apocalypse

Alongside a spanking new mix feat Kanye, Jokers of the Scene and Tiga, the Kernkraft master chats about surviving the (non)-apocalypse

An eccentric studio master of high-NRG electro sounds, Munich superproducer and one half of ZZT (with Tiga), Zombie Nation known for his full on abrasiveness and perhaps less remembered for his iconic late 90s hit Kernkraft 400, returns with an intense new album on Canadian label Turbo Recordings. Sawing through carnival-esque breakdowns, moody synths, cavernous bass, to grimy Kraut-Hop, his big-room bangers allow him to work his analogue magic as heard via his new mix here. As the Mayan Apocalypse hits us today (still pending), here's what ZN would do in case of emergency:

Dazed Digital: So it's the end of the world on Friday, what would be your last words?
Zombie Nation: "Oh shiiiiit!" - but who would remember anyway.

DD: Name the four things you'd take with you during a zombie outbreak?
Zombie Nation: Bicycle, cellphone, hammock, and a bag of good blood sausages to distract them.

DD: Soundtrack to your apocalypse party?
Zombie Nation: Napalm Death - You Suffer

DD: World doesn't end, what's next?
Zombie Nation: Breakfast, then studio

1. Fake Blood - Bionic
2. Tiga - Plush
3. Tagteam Terror - Talladega
4. The Sneekers - Closure
5. Harvard Bass - Plex (Dubfire rework)  
6. Kanye West - Clique vs. Oscar - Schweinehund
7. Pilo - Forte Inductante
8. French Fries - Smoke Wine
9. Scntst - Da Bizzy Jump
10. Clash The Disko Kids -Transient (Modek Remix)
11. Zombie Nation - Blueberriesggf
12. Jokers Of The Scene - Killing Jokes III - Psycatron Inflyte Remix
13. Crookers - Big Booty Bootleg
14. Dr. Motte meets Gabriel le Mar - The Breeze
15. Claptone - another night
16. Footprintz - The Favourite Game (Ivan Smagghe On A Thin Line Remix)
17. Doorly Feat. Soraya Vivian - Rush (Problem Child Vocal Mix)
18. Zombie Nation - Attic Sundays
19. Sharam Jey - Unique (Henzel & Disco Nova Remix)
20. Boris Dlugosch - Knalldrang