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The Agony & The Ecstasy

We check out the latest tracks with new drops from Cassie and the lush How To Dress Well video

SONG OF THE WEEK - The xx - Chained (John Talabot & Pional Blinded Remix)

John Talabot + Pional are currently supporting The xx on tour, and just put a brilliant, better-than-the-original remix of 'Chained' online. In their hands, the minimal track is stretched into an eight-minute-plus deep house/ disco banger which also interpolates the woozy bassline of The Streets' 'Blinded By Lights'. The best bit is when it all drops out for Romy's 'We used to be closer than this/ We used to get closer that this/Is it something you miss?' before it builds back in for the 'drop' (if you can call it that) at 4:40.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK - How to Dress Well - & It Was U

Dazed contributor Luke Gilford directed this fantastic video, where a braided Jesus-figure rides a Segway through the streets before meeting devotees and transforming a backroom prayer circle into a dance class. Like everything Tom Krell (aka HTDW) touches, it's as if it's been sprinkled with his own singular gold dust. Our friends at DIS Magazine also made an amazing GIF from it. Can you get those capes in Urban Outfitters?


As if Cassie's The Weeknd-style 'Trilogy' of unreleased material wasn't enough, she stuck another new song and video online last weekend. 'End Of The Line' is apparently taken from her forthcoming mixtape 'Rock-A-Bye Baby', and it's a gorgeously minimal slow-burn midtempo with a Timbaland-ish beat a little reminiscent of her 2008 single 'Official Girl'. Yup, the video was filmed in the downtime of a magazine photoshoot, but I'd watch 4-minutes of Cassie basting her Christmas turkey so I'm not complaining.

WANT OF THE WEEK - A$AP Rocky Orange Vinyl

Rocky's major label debut 'LONG.LIVE.A$AP' is one of our most anticipated records of 2013, and as if we weren't excited enough, producer Clams Casino just tweeted that it's coming out on ORANGE vinyl, the colour of all things amazing, like Frank Ocean's BMW E30 M3 from 'Nostaliga, Ultra' and those delicious ones with cloves on that go in mulled wine.

ODD COUPLE OF THE WEEK - Dido and Kendrick Lamar

Yes, that Dido. For the MOR chanteuse's comeback, she's chucked a wad of cash at Kendrick Lamar for a verse in her dreary new single, a shameless knock-off of 'Born To Die' with an Enya-ish Middle-8. Is Kendrick about to snatch Flo Rida's trophy as the rent-a-rapper of 2013?

PICTURE OF THE WEEK - Ikea Monkey As Margot Tenenbaum

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