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Errors - Relics (Groundislava Remix)

The LA producer reworks the synthy electronica band's lush new single Relics - download/hear it here first

Springing up out of Glasgow’s musical melting pot, 4-piece post-punk band the Errors produce the kind of crystalline electronica that makes your loins tremble. Having steadily churned out a string of top notch EPs and albums over the years, the foursome have also worked together with the likes of Gold Panda, Dam Mantle and Mogwai amongst others, making sure that they’re as involved in the remixing of their tracks as they are in the production. Their latest album New Relics, released earlier this year on Rock Action records, saw Errors develop their trademark brand of lo-fi analogue, bringing together an eclectic mix of stretched synths, poppy stabs and percussion heavy baselines. We sat down with multi-instrumentalist band member Steve to find out more about what he’s got planned for the future, and his love of Irn Bru...

Dazed Digital: What’s a year like in the life of an Error? Give us your best and worst bits of the year so far?
Errors: Best bits have probably been our tour of the States last month, aside from the gigs (which were great) we saw some pretty cool stuff: Niagara Falls, CN Tower, the sun in Texas, the snow in Connecticut. Worst bits have probably been the early starts after late nights which have been many this year, we're really beginning to feel it as we get older.  

DD: What’s next in the pipeline?
Errors: We're all working on separate things now and we've got some projects outside of Errors planned for next year. Next year will definitely be a quieter year in terms of Errors output, but we will still be busy.

DD: You’ve collaborated with quite a few artists on various remixes, talk to us a little about the process. Who’s been good to work with? Anyone you’ve got in mind to work with in the near future?
Errors: We're fairly hands on with the remix process, in that we approach all the people who we want to remix us, rather than our label or whoever telling us what is cool and who will help our profile. It's good in the sense that we have some control over it but we always leave it up to the artist with regards to what kind of remix they do. The most recent remixes we've received have been great and have taken some of the tracks in pretty unexpected directions. 

DD: What’s that track you can’t help play on loop?
Errors: At the moment it's 'Sleep With Me Baby' by Peter. They're a really new band from Glasgow, I think they just put stuff up online and they're really difficult to Google - none of them are called Peter incidentally, think they're just being obtuse. This track is great though, I'm working on a remix of it just now which is partly why it's been on repeat but it's also a really great track. 

DD: What's your poison?
Errors: Irn Bru and vodka 

DD: What's good for a hangover cure?
Errors: Irn-bru no vodka and a long cycle in the countryside.

DD: What's the best thing about where you’re from?
Errors: Being able to drive for 30 minutes and be surrounded by hills and beautiful scenery. I'm a keen hillwalker so honestly I feel very fortunate to have the hills so close to me. 

DD: What's your favourite site?
Errors: I'm a big fan of Clumsy and Shy, it's kind of a crap name which might put people off but it's got great up to date psychedelic, electronic, lofi, ambient tracks which you can download for free, it's turned me on to so many great things over the last couple of years and has helped inform the last couple of records. Waves At Night is also good as it has a good mix of art/design/music/events and it has a really nice aesthetic.

Listen on Soundcloud to the RELICS (Groundislava remix)