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The Agony & The Ecstasy

A week of grid-shaping music, from Fleetwood Mac covers to hyperreal R&B refixes, perfect for Christmas parties and welcoming 2013.

Track of the Week – Kingdom - 'Goodies Remix'

LA-based dance producer Kingdom hasn't released new solo material since last year's 'Drema EP' (Night Slugs), and this swampy bass-fuelled take on Ciara's 'Goodies' is the first taste of his forthcoming 'VIP Edition' EP. The track lifts Ciara's orgasmic acapella from her 2004 hit, overlaying it with a pumping house beat and oasis-like FX, much in the same vein as his recent remixes of Fatima Al Qadiri's 'Corpcore', and Chris Brown-exorcising edit of Brandy's 'Put It Down'. 'VIP Edition' will be released on 31/12/12 on Fade to Mind, the label he runs as the US counterpoint to Night Slugs. Useful timing, just in case your NYE DJ turns out to be a bust. 

VIDEO OF THE WEEK Autre Ne Veut - 'Counting' feat. Mykki Blanco

Imagine waking from a hospital bed to find Mykki Blanco and Arthur Ashin as your nurses! For the odd, super-intense video for 'Counting', Ashin (aka Autre Ne Veut) teams up with the performative rapper to huddle around the hospital bed of a dying woman, as the shots veer from horror-movie quick cuts and quasi-humorous shots of rec room texting. As zippy synths kick in towards the mournful song's final minute, the track moves into a trance-like energy with strobe-lights accompanying Blanco's chants "I need you right now/ I need you right now"

COVER VERSION OF THE WEEK – Julia Holter - 'Gold Dust Woman' (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

This song was apparently written by Stevie Nicks during a 4am coke blowout, but Julia Holter's sparse and stately reinterpretation of the classic is a rush of chem-free ecstasy. With a slow-build opening, Holter dreams the song into new heights with reverb-saturated piano, echoey vocals and a brilliant, crescendo of "GO HOOOOME!"

OLD TRACK OF THE WEEK Candi Redd – Independent Bitches

I got turned onto Candi Redd's 2010 fiery anthem after spontaneously picking up a female rappers-themed zine this weekend, and immediately fell for the video showing Candi Redd ballin' in Gucci and hair-flicking in a glossy hi-rise. She may be toasting her $$$ with Rasheeda and Kandi, but she still steps out to the clothing store to distribute her mixtapes. Hustle!


Don't expect carols and festive schmalz from Dawn Richard for Yuletide. The independent RnB singer and ex-member of Diddy Dirty Money nods to the the season with tracks like 'And The Bells' and 'Wynter', the latter a frosty audio landscape where Wynter is our black-eyed heroine. With Richard's 'Armor On' EP one the most surprising releases of 2012, 'WHITEOUT' is a welcome tide over until her debut album 'Goldenheart' is released in January. 

SEXY SONG OF THE WEEK Maseratay - Sexxxy

Simmering futuro-soul from Belgium label On-Point, with a gorgeously filmed video of a plaid-shirted plaid-shirted heroine who lives in a caravan. She wistfully looks out at a lake, wistfully goes for a stroll in the woods, and wistfully watches a flock of birds. What can it all mean? Luckily, the label sent us a poem to explain:

On what planet are we? 

Are you sure this is Earth? 

I could swear I was burnt in the first degree 

In a place called Berserk.

Which clears everything up.