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The Agony & The Ecstasy

Weird country, funny rap and Cherry Cola combine in the week's best music

ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Daughn Gibson – All Hell

Daughn Gibson is a trucker and punk drummer who used his days crossing the States to get into Burial and his nights alone to teach himself how to make country songs on his laptop. The resulting album, which came out on a tiny US label in August and is now on British release, is one of those jaw-dropping, revelatory albums that is so striking, sumptuous and sad that it makes you wish you had real problems. A stoic, grizzly, artful album by a singer destined for make-out spots and lonely bars the world over. 

SONG OF THE WEEK: Bayou – "Cherry Cola"

Here's another fun thing that happened this year – I drank quite a lot of Cherry Cola. Here's another fun thing that also happened this year – quiet dudes from Morden to Moravia set down their acoustic guitars and started making R&B to express their aching sensitivity. Bayou is a "mysterious London producer", which means his name is Ben, he went to art school, lives in a pleasant terraced house New Cross and is "really quite nice", who has taken these two key trends of 2012 and combined them to make this delightful little tune about sitting around drinking the best soft drink out there. A jam to watch the winter weary on. 

RAP LYRIC OF THE WEEK: akaFRANK – "Awesome Jawsome, ugly like a possum

It's been a big week for heavy-hitting rap tunes, from Rick Ross's Tarantino-movie soundtrack "100 Black Coffins" to Future & Chief Keef's "Dead Broke", but few have stuck with me like this fabulously silly post-hyphy tune "Awesome Jawsome". Made by akaFRANK, a San Francisco rapper whose last tune carried the wonderful title "My Dick (Ain't Racist)", you can listen to it below:

CHARITY SALE OF THE WEEK: No Pain In Pop's Ebay Channel

While London hosted this Christmas's Independent Label Market this weekend, one record imprint is still selling rareties. No Pain In Pop, whose impressive roster includes Forest Swords, Halls and Dazed coverstar Grimes, is flogging ultra-rare vinyl test-pressings for homeless charity Centre Point.


Stocking music, art and design goodies from the good people at cult label Ghostly International, the new store co-curated by NY boutique Odin will be selling limited ed prints, graphic tees, and vinyl as a festive holiday affair from now until January 6th.

SEASONAL MIX OF THE WEEK: Johnny Jewel's Black And White Autumn Mix

Slow disco may have had its day, but this set of dragging, deluxe orchestration from Johnny Jewel of Chromatics comes as a 45 min mix to wrap up in under a radiator and wait for the light to rise again.