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Photography by New Look

New Look and Jimmy Edgar

Brooklyn future pop duo collaborate with Jimmy Edgar on 'Function of Love' and give Dazed Digital two exclusive tracks for download.

The sultry Brooklyn future pop duo New Look (model/chanteuse Sarah Ruba and multi-instrumentalist Adam Pavao) are featured in this month’s Dazed. To celebrate they have collaborated with close friend, the creative genius of Jimmy Edgar – photographer, artist and producer giving you two exclusive-to-Dazed tracks for free download.  "Function of Your Love" can be downloaded here and the James Edgar remix of the track can be downloded here. Both tracks can be streamed below.

DazedDigital: Can you talk us through the collaboration with Jimmy Edgar and “Function of Your Love”?
New Look: We'd been talking about collaborating for a while and Jimmy had the track and asked us to do our version of it. We’d never done a cover before so it was a cool task for us. We used some of his midi info and kind of took it from there, made a whole new form with new rhythms and tons of new vocals. It was a really fun project. His track "Funktion" is a remix of the original that we covered.

DD: How did you first meet and start working with Jimmy?
NL: We met in 2006 at the Sonar music festival in Barcelona (where we were both performing). A while later all of us ended up in New York and started hanging out, which eventually led to us collaborating musically.

DD: How were your recent London gigs?
NL: Wicked! We had a great time and both shows were completely different. For one of the shows we got to improvise a lot which was a total throwback for both of us, given both of our musical backgrounds. We’re definitely going to be doing more of that in the future, and we’re bringing in some more live instruments for the next shows. It’s only getting better!

DD: Can you talk about the photography series?
NL: We like doing photos of each other because we’re control freaks when it comes to our image, ha! And we have the exact same sensibility. We travel a lot so we get a lot of opportunities to shoot in all kinds of places, like on the last London trip some random old hippy pad in Notting Hill. It’s a good artistic outlet when we’re not in the studio.