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'Hello Future, Our name is Swound!'

Shedding light on what the future will hold.

Having been tipped by the likes of Zane Lowe, Steve Lamacq and Rob da Bank, Swound! have just released their first album; 'Hello Future, our name is Swound!'. Dazed Digital decided to find out what light they could shed on the future itself.

Dazed Digital: In the future, music will be...

Swound!: We recently tried hard to think of a really cool gimmick to release our music on after we heard about a band using chocolate vinyl. New and strange formats seems to generate press. My best idea was tramp. Lloyd came up with releasing a new single on megadrive, but as far as I could tell, that just involves him playing NBA Jam. A friend suggested maybe releasing it as a birthday card – one of those irritating musical ones that play when you open them.
After all that, our groundbreaking idea was to probably release it digitally. At the end of the day, we’re mainly all talk. Realistically, there’s no future in tramps, its mainly computers and stuff. Plus, the fact that I can’t remember who released the chocolate vinyl probably speaks volumes about whether it’s worth the effort.
Stylistically, music will go back to grunge, then brit rock, then nu-metal, then 80s electro before doing it all over again. Metal will remain as a constant as people who like it are incapable of accepting other musical forms.

DD: we'll get rid of....

S!: Spiders and sharks. I don’t care what conservationists say, I’d rather they didn’t live. There might be an increase in flies or jellyfish or whatever rank creature they’re responsible for eating, but I can guarantee they scare me less, so I can deal with that.

DD: everyone will love...

S!: Your great great great granddaughter? I hear she’s pretty fine. I actually just googled the lyrics to that song to see if I could use any more of them as crap jokes in this interview, only the internet claims that it’s apparently sung by the Jonas Brothers! Not on my watch.
Disappointingly, it will probably just be some chocolate bar that people who like creating groups on facebook weren't bothered about until it was cancelled, instead of hover boards or something genuinely cool

DD: all bands will...

S!: I was going to say they’d all cover Busted songs, tweak the lyrics slightly and pass it off as their own, but it seems that’s already happened. It’s frightening how quick technology and attitudes change. A few years ago that would have been a laughable exercise, but if the Jonas Brothers are doing it, then that opens all sorts of avenues for other credible bands like us. We might release 'What I Go To School For' next.

DD: and finally, robots, zombies or recession-how does Swound! envisage the apocolypse?

S!: It better not be a recession. That would be boring and rubbish. We all hope for a zombie invasion and always argue about who would last the longest if it happened. I reason that I’ve completed the most Resident Evil games so it would be me. Rowan has read a zombie survival guide so thinks it will be him. Joe lives in the highest flat and was fairly handy at House of The Dead back in the day and Lloyd naturally thinks more like them. By that I mean not at all. Each member of Swound! brings something to the table. Again, we’re all talk. If it ever did happen, we’d be scared for a bit before getting eaten.
The Apocalypse will happen when health care and equality get so advanced that people just forget to have babies. One day, there will just be nobody else around.