Jimmy Edgar: Majenta

Having released his new album on Hotflush, the 'sex music' producer speaks to us before he plays Dimensions Festival this year with Little Dragon, Theo Parrish, and Joy Orbison

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With the recent release of what can only be described as his sex-fuelled new album 'Majenta' on Scuba's Hotflush Recordings, Detroit's Mr Jiminy Edgar speaks to Dazed about the effects of his superstar DJ lifestyle, his ongoing love of old school r'n'b, and his current secret musical weapons.

I can create my own reality with my mind, I have really strong effect on people... like a magician, and a glimmer of new colour coming from some galactic corner that we can only imagine.

Having played out at huge events like Bloc 2011 and Dour, catch him next at Dimensions Festival this September as the latest and biggest electronic music festival to arrive in Croatia for the first time alongside the likes of Little Dragon, Theo Parrish, Joy Orbison, Mount Kimbie, and Floating Points for an intense four-day weekend in the lush, exotic surroundings of Fort Punta Christo.

Dazed Digital: What was the best thing about having a break or an 'off' period over the last 2 years for you, if that's what it was? What was one thing new that you've learnt about yourself in this time?
Jimmy Edgar: Contrary to popular belief I was not breaking, I just was out of the light for a bit. I'm typically always working, but I consider working normal because I love what I do so much. Intense passion. Yet, being out of the spotlight is a beautiful time to breathe. I learned a lot about myself in the past two years: I can create my own reality with my mind, I have really strong effect on people (everybody does, more than they imagine) like a magician, and a glimmer of new colour coming from some galactic corner that we can only imagine.

DD: Having been splitting your time between Berlin and the US, do you feel the respective places influence your inspirations/approach to music when you move around - or does physical location not matter in today's 'digital age' as such?
Jimmy Edgar: At one time I thought when I lived in NYC that it would affect me too much, but that’s ridiculous. I am always travelling so it doesn't matter where I am. I can get down in Berlin and I can get down in Detroit. It’s a bit different but we are who we are. I think it’s more important what kind of people you surround yourself with. Honestly, I think there are a lot more negative people in Detroit, which may not surprise anyone but it’s a tough place to be.

DD: As R'n'B has been a significant influence on your new album, who or what were you listening to during the making of it or have always been your favourites?
Jimmy Edgar: Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah of course, Missy Elliott is amazing, Kelly Rowland. I like a lot of shit hot club R’n’B. Disregarding the lyrical content and the rip-off radio hits, there are some gems in between. Listen to one of my R’n’B mixes and you'll know what I’m saying. If you can manage to rid of all the garbage in pop music you can find some real elements that work musically. That’s kind of what I do. I'm on the hunt to work with more black female singers.

DD: If in doubt, play ____?

Majenta is out now on Hotflush. Dimensions Festival, Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia: 6th - 9th September 2012; Tickets HERE.

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