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Micachu, Casper C, Wave Machines (Micachu and Wave
Micachu, Casper C, Wave Machines (Micachu and Wave Machines photographed by Jake McGowan)

More from the Concrete and Glass Festival

Micachu and the Shapes, Casper C and Wave Machines give their opinions on glass/concrete housing and talk about their involvement with the festival.

Micachu and The Shapes

So how did you get involved in C&G?

Not sure, we were invited and are very happy to play.

Do you like to play events like this where there is lot of acts scattered around a small area or do you find that people panic-dash from venue to venue?  
I think people attend these events with the aim to hear music as opposed to prioritising social things… maybe? It’s good to pay a certain amount and catch bands that you might have to pay £3 or £5 pounds to see separately.

What acts are you looking forward to seeing at this years C&G?
Well the obvious TV on The Radio but also laurel collective and Bass Clef.

As East London inhabitants do you think the event is an accurate display of what’s coming out of the area art wise?
I don't know i'm actually a bit of a hermit!

With things developing for you guys is a new guitar on the horizon or are you still happy with the beat up rhythm maker?
I’m happy with the guitar -its got a nice sound. We want to get some proper amps and I'm going to make an electric guitar soon hopefully!

What’s happening in the near future for Micachu and The Shapes?
Lots of concerts and hopefully another record.

Would you prefer to live in an all concrete house or an all glass house?   
All concrete definitely- i love the Barbican!

Casper C

So how did you get involved in C&G?
The promoter, Tom baker and I work together on the Field Day festival, where we (Blogger's Delight) host a tent, as well as Adventures in the Beetroot Field, which I also co-promote. Tom asked us to provide something interesting and dancey for the festival, which gave me a fantastic opportunity to fulfil a long held desire to put on the guys from D*I*R*T*Y in Paris.

Is it nice to go along and just play rather then being involved in the organization process of an event?
Well, there was a degree of organisation required, but it definitely didn't approach the level of stress required to organise an entire event on this scale, something we often do with AITBF.

What acts have you been looking forward to and seen at this years C&G?
I was only able to see our own acts (Pilooski, D*I*R*T*Y Soundsystem and Alex Egan from Skull Juice) this time around, all of whom were great. I was impressed with the depth of artistic talent on the event and TV On The Radio was a very timely headliner. I look forward to a stronger 2009 throughout!

You have been DJ'ing all over the place at the moment, is East London still where the party is at?
I live in Camden, and host Blogger's Delight there (at the Lock Tavern) so the answer is a big no! From the fantastic experiences I have had in Europe, I would say London in general needs a big boot up the arse. The clubs need a little more love from top to bottom, and people should chill out. It just seems that any time I leave London, the people I meet are BETTER. I still love it here as well though, we're spoilt for choice in a lot of ways. Maybe that's the problem!?

So how was it to follow on from a big live act such as TVOTR?
Well, due to the licencing complications, I wasn’t able to DJ on the friday night after all. Which, to be perfectly frank, was a blessing in disguise as I could’t see where the sleep was going to come otherwise!

Plans for the near future?
More sleep, a better diet and maybe some exercise. But for now, I'm having too much fun!

Casper, would you prefer to live in an all concrete or all glass house?
I am of the stone-throwing disposition, so it would probably be more sensible to live in a concrete one. It would also protect me from possible nuclear meltdown.

Wave Machines

How did Wave Machines come to get involved in C&G?
We got a support slot for Of Montreal last year which was promoted by Eat Your Own Ears who put Concrete and Glass together. It's my guess that between them and Huw Stephens, who was DJ’ing at the Macbeth after we played, there was enough support for us to warrant our spot.

I guess the the equal art/music basis of the festival may appeal to you due to your involvement in the WIYRT events you put on in home town Liverpool?
We get very excited when there are opportunities to mix things up a bit. The nights we put on in Liverpool allow us to take bands out of their natural habitat and re-locate them in spectacular surroundings. The line-up often combines spoken word from some of the UK's finest writers with live music hand picked by us… following a lot of viewing time at this Summer's festivals. October's event sees us joined by a.P.A.t.T., Salena Godden and Byron Vincent.

What acts have you seen and enjoyed at this years C&G?
Flashguns were brilliant. They only just finished their A-levels yet play incredibly mature, exciting music.

After C&G you have another couple of great London dates coming up with Supporting 'Of Montreal' at Koko and the Albert Hall single launch with Micachu, any plans to abandon Liverpool for the Capital?
Not just yet. One of the many advantages of living in Liverpool is that everything's pretty much walking distance. I have an Oyster card for visits down south. There's £2.00 credit on it. That won't even get me out of Zone 1. That said, we don't have an Albert Hall up here. We're very excited about playing it, even a very small bit of it, when we launch our single at the Elgar Room on 30th October. It's a double bonus as Micachu And The Shapes are joining us. hurrah!

How do you feel about your contemporary music makers at the moment, is their any scene you feel you fit in to or belong to ?
We fit in a scene here in Liverpool, which has grown from collaboration with the Mercy collective. We've got very comfortable working with Nathan Jones and artists like Scott Spencer. There are some twenty talented individuals who contribute to the success of Wave If You're Really There. On a national level we feel very at home with Chess Club. We've developed a good relationship with Post War Years and have a lot of respect for James Yuill and Mumford and Sons. They make great music, it's a great label.

Tell us something we don't know about Wave Machines?
James claims to have a third nipple, but unlike Scaramanga it looks like a freckle and is located on his left arm.

Would you prefer to live in an all concrete house or an all glass house?
Glass please. How kind. When do we move in?