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MGMT Play Dazed's Pre-NYFW Party

The Brooklyn psych-popsters warm up for a marathon tour.

“Hey, what’s up, fashion dudes?” – Brooklyn psych-popsters MGMT took to the stage and greeted the audience in typically sardonic style at Dazed’s pre-fashion week party in New York city, taking over from local hipsters and record-spinners Nate Lowman and Leo Fitzpatrick, and playing a suitably spaced-out set that aptly fitted the futuristic open-air space on top of an eight-storey building in Midtown. Afterwards, as Diplo took a break from chatting up Beyonce’s sister Solange and took to the decks, the sweaty psychedelicists were in ebullient form, for some reason teasing a security guard for not knowing “who Pablo Picasso is, dude”.

Other guests at the party included artist Terence Koh, fresh from his Jesus-with-an-erection controversy, designer Pamela Love, actress Monet Mazur and fashionista Julia Restoin Roitfeld, as well as Mary-Kate Olsen, who when our photographer asked if she could take her picture, said, “If you hadn’t just spilled a drink on my foot, I would have said ‘yes’.” Everyone had a fine time twirling about under the stars and city skyline, and slipping up and down the weird glowing grass thing that bulged from the middle of the dancefloor. As the night was the launch party for a three-week programme of cultural happenings at the Mini Rooftop space, we can only hope the grass structure survived the next day’s torrential Hurricane Hanna rainstorm that thankfully held off until we’d all done our fashion thing. Thanks, weather dudes.
A big thank you from Dazed to all at Radar, everyone at Seventh House PR, and MINI. For the Mini Rooftop space, click here.
Q&A with MGMT at the Dazed party
Dazed Digital: Did you have a good summer break? I guess you’re now all totally relaxed and raring to go…
Andrew: I’ve just been in London for two weeks. I’m all partied out.

DD: It looks like a pretty full-on schedule for you coming up?
Ben: We’re going on a US tour supporting Beck for a month, and then a full European tour in November. I guess in between that we’re going to Mexico and Brazil… and the European tour for a month, and Australia.

DD: What do you think of the space here?
Ben: It’s cool – it’s nice to play without a roof.
Andrew: And it will be cool to play at night. We like to play in interesting spaces, that’s something that stimulates us.

DD: You’ve had a crazily successful year – have you got used to it yet, or does it still feel strange?
Ben: I think we’re starting to get to the point where so much stuff has been happening to us recently, that we’re sort of starting to think we need to start to take control of what’s happening to us…

DD: Do you feel you’re just helpless as things happen to you?
Ben: We don’t wanna feel like things are happening to us, that someone’s doing something to us, it’s like as we’re in a band, uh, we should be happening… to other things.

DD: So, the next stage of the band is to try and take control of what it is?
Andrew: I think we’re gonna try and take some time, take a breath, look at what we’re doing, make some strategies and write some new stuff.

DD: That’s the master plan?
Both: Yeah…

DD: What’s been the most unexpected thing that’s happened this year?
Ben: I think recently our album is doing really well in Australia. We even sold out these huge shows without even going there. That’s really weird, that around the world, our album is getting a lot of, like… well, we never really expected that. That and like, pretty much everything is still pretty weird.

DD: Tell us about the video for 'Kids'…
Ben: Well, actually, we didn’t do the video for it.
Andrew: Some kids from LA made a fan video for us, we saw it and really liked it and ended up using the main actors from that video – they make an appearance in the video we made for ‘Electric Feel.’ So that was completely unsolicited.
Ben: Someone was all like, ‘Hey, did you see this video for ‘Kids’?’ thinking it was the original video, and we had no idea about it.
Andrew: People are all like ‘Why did you wear the black and white facepaint’? And we’re like, ‘That’s not even us!’

DD: You’re playing in the UK with A Place to Bury Strangers?
Andrew: Yeah, we just met them hanging out in Barcelona.
Ben: We were hanging out with our drummer Bill, trying to find our hotel room or something, and ran into those guys. We ended up hanging out with them on the balcony.
Andrew: We just started talking abut music and realised that we had very similar tastes.

DD: They’re much noisier than you, musically. Do you think that will be a surprise for the people coming to see you?
Andrew: I hope so. We like confusing people – because it makes sense to us.

DD: How different is this Dazed party going to be from a normal gig for you?
Andrew: A New York gig is always different for us. We haven’t been playing here very much, so it will be good to get back to it.
Ben: And there’s that weird grass thing, are people gonna be able to sit on it?
Andrew: Yeah. It’s got dimples in it where you can sit. Though I guess the people at the back are gonna be facing the wrong way.
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