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via Jacobin

More than a third of all trans people suffered hate crimes in 2017


More than a third of all transgender people in the UK have been victims of a hate crime in the past 12 months, according to new research.

Stonewall’s LGBT in Britain Trans Report confirms that more than a third of trans people (34 per cent) have been discriminated against because of their gender identity when visiting a café, restaurant, bar or nightclub in the last year, one in four (25 per cent) have been discriminated against when looking for a house or flat to rent or buy, and more than a third of those (36 per cent) in higher education have experienced negative comments or behaviour from staff.

Taylor, 23, told Stonewall in a frank statement: “I have recently started at a new university. I was laughed at, ridiculed, and became the butt of jokes that normally gender me as a woman. This has been constant since day one.”

The new research, conducted by YouGov on behalf of the charity, also found that four in five (79 per cent) of trans people did not report their crimes due to a perceived lack of support or fear of further discrimination; and, two in five (42 per cent) who would like to undergo medical intervention as part of their transition, haven’t done so yet, because they fear the consequences it might have on their family.

Stevie, 21, said to Stonewall: “I get shouted at every single time I leave my house and threatened at least once a week. I try to closet myself from my family because I’m so close to getting kicked out.”

Trans people are twice as likely to be victim of a hate crime than other members of the LGBT community, with Stonewall reporting that one in five LGBT people overall have experienced a hate crime in the past year.

Shon Faye, Dazed’s LGBTQ editor, took to Twitter to express her horror at the statistics: “Even I am shocked that 12 per cent of trans people have been physically attacked by a colleague in the past year. That’s even with the equality act protections in place.”

What the LBGT charity has found is deeply worrying. Hate crime and discrimination against trans people, on our streets, in our hospitals, in workplaces and at universities, is widespread. This situation is not acceptable; to help put an end to it, join Stonewall’s ‘Come Out for Trans Equality’ campaign to show your support and commit to real change.