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Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein slapped in the face while out at a restaurant

‘You fucking abuse women, get the fuck out of here’

Last January we kicked off the year with a Nazi punch, but 2018 is the year of the pervert slap.

Harvey Weinstein’s name has become synonymous with sexual assault after years of alleged misconduct led to dozens of accusations from high profile actresses. His outing sparked a ripple of change over Hollywood, an industry accustomed to powerful men getting their way and forcing women into silence. It’s quite hard, apparently, to show your face in public once it becomes a symbol of oppression.

Unfortunately, Weinstein learned the hard way in a Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant, when a member of the public delivered two backhanded slaps while calling him a “piece of shit”. Not hard slaps, just two little gentle ones – not enough to hurt physically, but enough to bruise his engorged ego.

“You fucking abuse women, get the fuck out of here,” the man is heard saying in the clip, while pointing towards the exit of the restaurant. According to TMZ, the assailant in the clip wishes to be known only as Steve. He also admitted he had “quite a bit to drink” when he asked Weinstein for a photograph and began heckling him. The disgraced film exec and producer was said to be dining with his sober coach.

Weinstein responded by taking his hat off, looking glumly at the camera and skulking away while another man attempts to block the view of the camera. A source at Elements restaurant said Weinstein declined an offer to call the police.

He is currently residing in Arizona as he undergoes rehabilitation for sex addiction. Active investigations into Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct and abuse are ongoing in cities including Los Angeles, New York and London.