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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) saves you time. It notifies you when there is new material at websites of interest to you, without you needing to visit the websites to check for updates.

It’s also very easy to set up, and once you do it once, there’s nothing else you need to do to maintain your subscription.

How To Set Up an RSS Subscription

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Mac Mail

   From the File menu, select Add RSS Feeds…
   Select from any existing Safari RSS feeds or copy and paste the URL for the RSS feed:          
   Select whether you want the feed to appear in your Inbox or under a separate folder of RSS listings.
   From the Mail menu, choose Preferences.
   Select RSS.
   Select your default RSS reader, how often to check for updates, and how to remove read articles.


Outlook 2007

   From the Tools menu, choose Account Settings.
   Select the RSS Feeds tab to switch to it.
   Click “New”. The New RSS Feed dialog box pops up.
   Copy and paste the URL for the RSS feed:

   Click Add. You’ll then be presented with some options to change delivery locations, etc. When you’re satisfied, click OK.
   Then exit out of the Account Settings screen.



   From the links in the upper right corner of the Gmail window, click Settings.
   In the Settings interface, select the Web Clips tab.
   On the left pane of the Web Clips window, in the field labeled “Search by topic or URL”: copy and paste the URL for the RSS feed:

   Click Add to add it to your Gmail account.


   From the Tools menu, select Account Settings.
   Click RSS Feeds. The RSS Account Settings screen will appear.
   Click the Manage Subscriptions button. The RSS Subscriptions window appears.
   Click “Add.” The Feed Properties dialog box pops up.
   Copy and paste the URL for the RSS feed:

   Click OK.
   Once you’re done adding feeds, just exit out of the RSS Subscriptions window.
   Back in the RSS Account Settings screen, you can also select how frequently to check for new articles, what to do with posts you’ve read, etc. When you’ve finished making your selections, click OK.


Google Reader, Bloglines, My Yahoo

   If you are using Firefox or Safari a dropdown will appear allowing you to choose which to subscribe to jsut click the RSS Feed:


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