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Watch a clip of the RuPaul’s Drag Race & America’s Next Top Model crossover

We’re making herstory here

Fierce doesn’t even begin to describe an ANTM and RuPaul’s Drag Race crossover, and a sneak peek of the upcoming episode has dropped.

Katya, the slutty Russian queen from Drag Race season seven and the second installment of Drag Race All Stars, is keen to snatch the title from the models: “I absolutely see America’s Next Top Model in this group. And it’s none of those girls… it’s me.”

The ANTM girls are told their photoshoot is themed around royalty – they’ll be posing alongside queens Katya, Valentina, and Manila Luzon as princesses. The models will attempt to outshine the queens and take the throne, but we’ll see how that actually pans out – yes gawd. 

“I grew up watching America’s Next Top Model, and I’m finally here alongside these ladies,” Valentina says in the clip.

“They’re so friggin’ gorgeous and can pose their asses off,” host Tyra Banks told Entertainment Weekly. “That’s a difficult model to be in a shot with.… Not all of my models prevailed. Valentina killed it. I’m sitting there editing film and I’m like, can I get a shot of my girls looking at least half as good as Valentina?” 

“Something popped into my head: princesses and queens! I told my team, ’Okay, give me a photoshoot with that theme, but with our girls and the drag queens!’ They took it from there and did a really good job,” she added. 

Whatever happens it’s a royal family for the herstory books.

This episode of America’s Next Top Model will air February 13 on VH1.