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RCA Class of 2008 Follow Up

On the eve of the RCA MA show we got a sneak peek the sketches of the and now that their graduation show is over, we discover what they have got up to since the show.

Following on from our RCA MA students sketch book preview we featured on Dazed Digital earlier this year, picking out some of the most promising new designers for 2008, we have caught up with those designers having now graduated and are designing in the real world. Here are some of the results of their hard work from sketch book to the RCA MA fashion show.

Siri Johansen

What has the response been towards your collection since graduating from the MA?
I have had a lot of good response, both from press and industry. Since graduating, Ive also taken part in ITS seven which was a great experience.

Will you be continuing to design under your own name or are you looking to join a fashion house/company?
I have just joined Burberry Prorsum as a mens knitwear designer.
How much difficulty are you finding succeeding as a designer in your own right now you have graduated?
Since Ive joined Burberry Im not concentrating so much on succeeding as a designer in my own right, but more to succeed as part of a their great design team.
How was your experience at the RCA?
Great, the College has such good facilities to learn and experiment plus good technical staff, but one of the best things for me was to meet so many amazing people from all the different departments.
What is inspiring you at the moment?
A ragpile collection from Norway.
What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will you be doing another collection?
Settle into my new job and do my best to make exciting knitwear.