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Hans Madsen Returns to MAN

With a film of his RCA graduate collection shot in the woods outside Berlin in 2007.

During a trip to Berlin back in the summer of 2007 I made a short film with photographer Fumi Nagasaka based on Hans Madsen's RCA graduate collection, set amongst a backdrop of woodland on the outskirts of the city. Since graduating Hans has gone on to show his debut A/W 08 collection at London Fashion Week's MAN event back in February, and will being making his second MAN appearance during London Fashion Week on Friday September 19th.

Dazed Digital: How have your collections evolved from your graduate collection featured in this film?
Hans Madsen: The philosophy behind my graduate collection was evolution, not revolution - a mix between ordinary clothes highlighted with extraordinary pieces while still respecting wearability. This philosophy is still a key element in my design work combined with my inspiration from Nordic folklore.

DD: Who wears Hans Madsen?
HM: Hans Madsen delivers men's fashion for everyday use never compromising garments or design quality. It is modest affluence for the man who appreciate fashion that liberates and supports his own exceptional personality. The wearer of Hans Madsen is a fashion concious man who is not afraid of showing the world that he cares about himself and appriciates good clothes.

DD: Where are you stocked now?
HM: b Store on Savile Row.

DD: What are the inspirations for your S/S 09 collection?
HM: The S/S 09 collection is a comtemporary approach to military clothing made tangible through a strong Nordic design and craftmanship heritage with references to classic embrodery from Denmark. It is a masculine and concise look that combines affluent garments, textures and techniques with elegatly cut silhouettes.

It is embedded in the understanding of the equilibrium between the wearer and the clothes. It allows the wearer to project an exceptional personality-supported eloquent Nordic design and craftmanship - non-coloured comfortable fashion.

The S/S 09 collection explores the past and the present Nordic design and craftmanship heritage and is brought to life by the contrast between highly protective and sporty outerwear pieces in stiff fabric and handcrafted embrodery pieces matched with comfortable trousers and shorts.

DD: What is the most exciting thing to have happened you since graduating from the RCA?
HM: The invitation from Fashion East to show at MAN during London Fashion Week.

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