Rodarte Womenswear A/W11

Based on a wholesome Prairie look, the designer sisters' new collection was adorned with modern floral decor and embroidery

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At the Rodarte sisters' Autumn Winter 2011 show we were treated to a wholesome look, at least in terms of its sartorial origins. Based on a Prairie aesthetic, Kate and Laura Mulleavy showed long slim coats in earthly beige and brown tones. A few dresses might have had a quite deep V-neck cut on the chest, but the majority of the pieces came out as floor length cuts and some even had a flowing wheat field printed on the hem. In light blue or beige - some with silver embroideries or shimmering sequins - the dresses formed the base of a collection that was also big on lace and stitched on flowers.

The standard armour look was present through boxy dresses, and the robust firmness was also visible in a square pattern, seen most notably on a few gorgeously heavy knitwear jumpers. Silver and gold embroideries aside, there was also a bright red colour to cast out eyes on. But on a more subtle note, high waisted green trousers and light blue lace dresses impressed the most in this coherently beautiful collection. 

Dazed Digital: Last season was all about California, this is based on the prairie... how do you chose the places?
There's always a real connection and close relationship to the area we're in when designing, and we had spent some time in North Dakota a year ago and sometimes the places you're at spark ideas...

DD: Tell me about the silhouette...
We looked at different dimensions, but we we knew we needed a a really long coat!

DD: What inspired the collection?
The Great American Plains and we references films like 'Days of Heaven' and this was a study of the natural light in that landscape

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the show?
I really like the long coats!

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