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Josep Abril Menswear A/W11

Barcelona Fashion Week sees the well-known native designer bring out heavy knits with raw finishings

Experienced Barcelona designer Abril brought out a check-focused Autumn Winter collection, based around black and purple - and the suit and shirt pattern dominated the first few looks. Soon, though, the Armand Basi designer began dissecting garment edges by highlighting them in a white contrast colour and through raw finishings. Heavy knits came tucked into cords, leggings lived underneath silk shorts and a coat came inside out, showcasing a fine stripey lining. One of the stronger pieces was a knitted suit that came on top of a formal jacket, managing to make the entire look seem casual. Black and grey maintained throughout but the colour star of the show was undeniably the shimmering gold that Abril sent out as a printed square or just as a secondary colour on knits, shoes and shirts.

Dazed Digital: What was the red thread of your collection?
Josep Abril: It's a story of a man who was a king and became a homeless. His clothes is all he has left...

DD: How does that translate onto the catwalk...
Josep Abril: Through the gold, it means royalty but here it is on the streets. It's about the contrast between the rich and the homeless...

DD: Any other way that you show this with?
Josep Abril: The fabrics are luxury materials but the clothes are more about street, clothes for people on the street.

DD: Do you have a favourite piece in the show?
Josep Abril: The asymmetric coat towards the end with patchwork fabrics...

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