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Todd Lynn Womenswear S/S11

Leather and snakeskin were combined on angular jackets giving off a protective armour effect

Todd Lynn’s beautiful mish mash of Spring Summer fabrics were focused on the use of leather, and snakeskin in particular. A feeling of protective armour was evident as arms were covered in leather, angular and detachable collars stood up and a golden spiral top seemed to cover the body in anticipation of a threat. Nevertheless, the colour palette was pleasantly light; soft green, greyish blue and beige dominated. Also the majority of jackets and coats testified to a defensive atmosphere with wraparound lapels that almost looked like double-breasted features. Zip empowered trousers came out on the girls while a few menswear models showed the male equivalence. Gold shade dresses with twisted spiral zips running along the body finished off Lynn’s boiling hot S/S collection.

Dazed Digital: What was the main idea behind the show?

Todd Lynn: Basically creating creatures in a laboratory, and the amazing possibilities of science but also how that easily can turn to evil.

DD: It was a bit futuristic from time to time…

Todd Lynn: Yeah, but it was never meant to be futuristic in the sense of space ships and so on, more about what is going to happen.

DD: There was a strong sense of protection – was that against ‘what’s going to happen’?

Todd Lynn: There’s always a bit of armour orientated, but it’s never meant to be covering, it’s meant to be an enhancement!

DD: Tell us about the snakeskin!

Todd Lynn: It was a nubuck snakeskin that is brushed. The idea was to use a snakeskin that doesn’t look like snakeskin, it looked more like scales.

DD: What was your favourite piece in the show?

Todd Lynn: Well, I love working with Shaun Leane so it will have to be the silver adornments.

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