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Marios Schwab Womenswear S/S11

The Greco-Austrian designer showed a stellar collection of lace and leather pieces with tattoo prints and pentagrams as visual highlights

Marios Schwab might have shown in the old celebrity aspiring Hollywood Rocks venue but there wasn’t much red carpet glamour in his Spring Summer collection. Thankfully more focused on grunge attitude (Nirvana was played throughout) and an alternative take on beauty, Schwab produced one of his better collections. What initially looked like negligee dressed turned out to be carefully draped silk pieces, many of which were either adorned in lace or tattoo prints.

A very light pink shade was beautifully teamed up with a tan brown leather colour, and as such Schwab began contrasting the initially fairly innocent look with leather harness pieces and pentagram printed tops. In this clash of polar opposites, a great atmosphere was built up. Layered leather skirts over silk dresses continued the theme. Other leather pieces had lace trimmings sticking out to hammer home the point. Even dress straps formed the shapes of pentagrams. Marios Schwab successfully fused hard with soft, gentle with attitude and leather with silk. This was appreciated by many in the audience who stood up to greet the Greco-Austrian designer when he went for his victory lap.


Dazed Digital: What was the general idea behind the collection?

Marios Schwab: I saw this picture from the 30’s shift dresses with corsets on top, and I was also looking at the film Transylvania with Asia Argento. She’s a complex woman but interesting to talk to, she has her secrets.


DD: There are many contrasts between hard leather and pink lace and silk…

Marios Schwab: It was more flesh than pink actually. It was about collecting body adornments and symbols, tattoos in this case.


DD: Some of those symbols looked like pentagrams!

Marios Schwab: They were pentagrams – a lot of people think they’re a dark and evil symbol but they actually bring a positive message of rejuvenation of life.   


DD: But you also cite Transylvania as an inspiration so it’s all a bit dark, isn’t it?

Marios Schwab: It’s the woman I like more than anything in that movie, there’s a nostalgic about it. I saw it when I was very young and I always bring nostalgic moments to the future or where I am right now.


DD: Favourite piece in the collection?

Marios Schwab: I love them all but I really like the draped dresses.

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