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Mark Fast Womenswear S/S11

Influenced by oil spills and erupting volcanoes, Fast's knits are once again transformed into clingy bodycon numbers

Though Canadian knit master Mark Fast cited the unsettled atmosphere of the past summer (with natural disasters like the oil slick and Eyjafjallajökull erupting) and “the idea of mixing the danger of an alligator with the fragility of the butterfly” as inspiration for his SS 11 collection, it was hard to see how he had moved on from the tight, sexy and stretchy aesthetic that has become his trademark. His signature cobwebby knits now came with more daring open holes and featured marabou fringing in fluoro colours and crystal beading but that’s not enough evolution from his previous seasons. There’s little doubt that a woman brave enough to wear a Mark Fast creation will likely do so to wolf whistles from the opposite sex, but  it would be good to see Fast takes this further and experiment more for next season.