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Louise Gray Womenswear S/S11

The Scottish designer showed her signature patchwork dresses made out of layered an knotted fabrics

Though her joyous presentations of seasons past were twinkly highlights of what could be a punishing London Fashion Week schedule, much fancied Scottish designer Louise Gray graduated to a runway show this season whilst not losing any of her feel-good vibes. Like fellow up-and-comer, Michael Van Der Ham, a patchwork approach to clothing is her signature done with a deft lightness of touch and increasingly assured approach. Simple shift summer dresses had layers upon layers of mismatched fabrics knotted and twisted on, transforming the models (adorned with raffia headwear by master milliner, Nasir Mazhar) into ragtag princesses equal parts inspired by exotic places like Trinidad and Tobago as well as the cultural hodgepodge of Dalston market. For the finale, a beautiful one shouldered grey jumpsuit embroidered with plastic tags points to a new elegance for this designer who managed the almost impossible feat of putting a smile on everyone’s face so early in the morning.

Dazed Digital: How did you feel about graduating to catwalk this season?

Louise Gray: I was super excited! I forgot how daunting it is. But when you see all the girls lined up it’s pretty amazing.

DD: Tell us about the use of fabrics this season – there’s this interesting mix of plastic and raffia…

Louise Gray: We use lots of cotton but then there’s also bottle tops, plastic swing tags, badges, mirror tiles – that’s why we called it “Get Some Stuff”!

DD: What emotion would you say ran through the collection?

Louise Gray: Fun was the point I started at and the point I finished on!

DD: You’re known for being a happy designer and your work doesn’t seem driven by angst

Louise Gray: I’m a real person – I’m 28 years old and living in London – there’s just plenty of stuff to go and enjoy yourself with. I live and work here and I feed off the raw energy of London as much as I can.