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Karen Walker Womenswear S/S11

Inspired by William Eggleston’s joyous photography, Walker presents a colourful floral heavy collection with prints in blue, pink and green

New Zealander Karen Walker opened up Tuesday morning’s show schedule. She did so with floral heavy S/S11 collection. The print came in blue, pink and green and was skilfully matched with beige for maximuml effect. But even more of a showstopper was the orange and yellow primary colour pieces that Walker showed, some of them in nylon or other treated fabrics. More natural materials also made appearances, such as the beautifully short sleeved and collarless boxy coat in linen. Walker’s print clash and use of strong colours made for a great start to a sunny Manhattan day.

Dazed Digital: What inspired the collection?
Karen Walker
: The colour, the print and the intensity of William Eggleston’s photography. His images had underlined ominous but joyous feelings to them.

DD: Yes, there were lots of happy and strong colours in the show…
Karen Walker:
His photos are very much about strong colours so that was our starting point. He always took the ordinary and made it extraordinary. That’s where the clothes peg prints, Persian floral and parka nylons came from.

DD: Yeah, you used quite a few hi tech fabrics!
Karen Walker: I like mixing neutral fabrics with more industrial ones to get a nice contrast.

DD: What’s your fave piece in the show?
Karen Walker:
The blue clothes peg printed shirt and matching shorts at the end.