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My Style: Danielle Scutt

The London designer, who is known for giving power dressing a new slant, loves her hotpants and bikinis.

Dazed Digital: What are you wearing today?
Danielle Scutt: I'm wearing Danielle Scutt for Topshop - customised!

DD: How would you describe your style?
DS: Pretty casual but also sexy.

DD: Do you wear a lot of denim?
DS: Yeah, a lot. My favourite denim piece is my denim hotpants. They're just from the Gap and I wore them for the Bruce Weber W magazine shoot in Miami and also a lot recently as it's been so hot!   

DD: What is the most coveted item in your wardrobe?
DS: Maybe my Betty Boop retro T-shirt. I bought it when I was 16 in New York and it's from one of those naff souvenir shops. It's black and Betty Boop is smoking a cigar and I still wear it loads.

DD: What's the most expensive thing you own?
DS: Before I started studying, I took a year out and worked full time and bought a Miu Miu coat and at the time it was £550 and now to find a Miu Miu coat for £550 would be impossible. It's really basic, black and classic and I've worn it every winter. I have the smallest wardrobe ever and I have hardly any clothes so I don't buy things often and so when I get something new, I have to throw something out. I just don't have the space.

DD: Do you think it's important for a designer to "practise what they preach" as it were, wearing their own clothes?
DS: Yeah definitely. I wear a lot of my own stuff. I'll always wear a scarf of mine or a T-shirt. It's different for the male designers though. Do you know what is nice though? I've seen boys wearing some of my pieces. Not dresses or anything but something like a velvet shirt. So we're possibly doing a bit of menswear for this season if we have enough time.

DD: What other designers do you like?
DS: I love wearing old Norma Kamali. I've got a couple of Lanvin pieces which I wear with an old T-shirt, like a Lanvin dress over a T-shirt which gives a different look to it.

DD: What was the last thing you bought?
DS: I never buy anything! The last time I bought anything was because I was in Paris and I was going to the Lanvin Acne party. All I had bought with me to Paris for menswear fashion week to stay for five days were one pair of jeans with tears in the knees and my denim hotpants and three T-shirts. I was going to shows in these fucking hotpants, my trainers and a vest. I just felt so self conscious when everyone was so dressed up just to go to the shows. I ended up buying a skirt from Miu Miu on sale, that short skirt which flares right out. I had to wear my denim hotpants under because it was so short!

DD: What outfit did you have the most fun wearing?
DS: I had loads of fun wearing a bikini when I was younger going to Ayia Napa! Actually I had loads of fun wearing a bikini in Miami on the Bruce Weber shoot too!

DD: How is the S/S 09 collection going?
DS: I'm doing a shoot of what we have so far in the collection on Sunday to send out to buyers to give them a taster. I've been inspired by America this season because after the shoot in Miami, I went onto LA and then on to Vegas.