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Stefania Borras SS '11

Barcelona Fashion Week celebrates Summer with Borras' subtle colours, bare feet and nautical rope details

Where else is a summer collection as perfect as in a frizzingly hot Barcelona? Stefania Borras perfectly synchronized her colourful collection with the weather and showed an array of short spring dresses, often in white and with pleats. Bare backs were a reoccurring theme and rope detailed accessories added to the nautical theme. Subtle colours, such as light orange and pink, worked well on tops and drawstring maneuvered bottoms and jump suits. Two black all-in-one pieces added a darker mood, but with their naked backs and deep V-neck fronts they continued the theme of a comfortable wardrobe for hot summer days and nights.

Dazed Digital: What did you look towards for inspiration?
Stefania Borras: It was about the Medusa and jellyfish, the new species that are coming out of Global Warming. But also people living in the city, so it mixed a bit of nature with urban life.

DD: Is that why all your models were barefoot?
Stefania Borras: Yeah, it’s about freedom in that sense.

DD: Tell me about the rope details…
Stefania Borras: It was the sea and ocean side to the Medusa theme.

DD: You also had quite a few pleated outfits!
Stefania Borras: Yes, it represented the waves and the jellyfish stings. We also had loads of darts and holes in the collection.

DD: Favourite item in the show?
Stefania Borras: I really liked the orange jumpsuit.