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Juun.J SS '11

The Korean designer moved his Spring Summer show from Paris to Barcelona and impressed with his monochrome futuristic punk aesthetics

Touring his 2011 Spring Summer collection, Juun.J yesterday arrived from Paris to Barcelona. Here, he impressed with a monochrome show, focused on biker jackets and his signature trench coats. Flowing coats were made even more mobile by thin nylon parka jackets that were attached to the model’s backs. Often they originated from a hidden compartment in the collar of jackets and shirts. Kiroic shoes came out as technologically advanced gladiator sandals and we saw black and shiny jewellery courtesy of the gifted designer Heaven.

Other accessories included over sized rucksacks and visors with attached cotton scarfs. After hordes of black and white outfits, colour finally came in the shape of a tailored check jacket in red. But the check pattern was quickly out matched by a grey poncho version. And for his grande finale, the Korean designer launched a tirade of outfits sporting a turquoise-based multi faceted and abstract pattern. Juun.J’s urban look was a welcome supplement to Barcelona’s Fashion Week.

Dazed Digital: What influenced the collection?
Juun.J: The theme was The Flap, and the focus of the collection is movement and the lightness of the clothes. My clothes look best when in motion!

DD: There’s a futuristic punk feeling to it…
Juun.J: I love the clash between the old and new, in this case the biker jackets and the abstract print.

DD: Favourite item in the show?
Juun.J: Biker jacket and the military parka…