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Manuel Bolano SS' 11

Theatrical fashion with gold embroidered fabrics and latex skirts was offered when Senor Bolano showed at Barcelona Fashion Week

Showing off his amazing pattern cutting skills, Bolano launched an almost Haute Couture-looking collection on Wednesday evening. Voluminous silhouettes, helped by multiple over sized cocoons on tops and bottoms, took over the catwalk. A gold embroidered fabric was paired up with plainer blue and white cotton. Also golden plates adorned the foreheads of many models. Cuffs with either beads or miniature crosses added to a semi religious atmosphere, while other models sported feather details. Mixed in with the theatrical fashion were – quite surprisingly - elements of latex. A few knitwear pieces broke off the period fashion parade. All in all, Bolano has come a long way since his days working for high street chain Mango…

Dazed Digital: What was your main inspiration?
Manuel Bolano: The summer times I spent with my grandma, and the landscape of Vilavella where I grew up

DD: It was quite wide divide in the fabrics you used; traditional ones with gold embroideries and modern latex…
Manuel Bolano: Yes, but I just went with what was inside of me, and my soul. It’s almost more about art and craftsmanship than fashion.

DD: There was also an almost a feeling of mysticism in there with all the crosses and so on.
Manuel Bolano: My grandma had loads of Virgin Mary statues and other religious icons around her house. She wasn’t very religious or mystical but she had those symbols and every Sunday I had to go to church and prey.

DD: Favourite piece in the collection?
Manuel Bolano: The knitted white body!