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Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif side stepped their usual punk aesthetics and showed a strong denim collection at their Berlin Fashion Week event

Denim is not something we are used to in connection with the London based BLAAK label but, as it turns out, this duo can do no wrong. Not ones to do a job halfheartedly, they presented a Spring Summer 2011 collection focused purely on this material during their show at Berlin Fashion Week. Usually known for their punk aesthetics, a much lighter and far more casual feeling transpired, suiting their audience perfectly. Navy and white striped cotton t-shirts were combined with jersey hoodies, denim jackets, and - to maintain the BLAAK signature - leather trousers were sporadically thrown into the mix.

But with design duo Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif things are not always what they seem. Anticipating the usual laid back attitude expected of the average denim collection they superseded their denim-loving contemporaries with a change of silhouette; trousers were cropped but high-waisted, stitching was reversed and cut out details held the viewer’s interest, especially with a succession of topless models closing the show. It might have been the duo's first pure denim collection but, as predicted, an instinctively cool and refreshing approach was unveiled.

Dazed Digital: How come you decided to show in Berlin?
BLAAK: This is the first season for our denim project and we thought Berlin would be the perfect platform. We normally show in Paris but it is so much more casual and urban here.

DD: Is denim something you will keep on focusing?
BLAAK: Ideally we would like to keep it as a separate line and - who knows - maybe show in Berlin again.

DD: What was your approach for this collection?
BLAAK: We wanted it to be outside of the main collection. What most people don’t realise is that when we first started the
BLAAK project denim pieces were a big part of our collection. We started playing around with it, turning it inside out and combined it with different fabrics. It was like going back to our beginning but with 10 years of experience.