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Frida Ringstrom (Stockholm, Sweden)

A menswear designer inspired by roadkill. "I became interested in the stiffness."

The inspiration behind Swedish menswear designer Frida Ringstom's new collection came from photos she found of animal roadkill. "I became interested in the stiffness and all these crazy angles their dead bodies had," says the 25-year-old, who designed an overall as a template for all the pieces in the collection, using the same pattern over and over again and moved it around to distort the arms, legs and back by sewing them in unusual directions. The whole collection is knitted, and Ringstrom worked with washed-out colours to get a used, pale feeling. "I make all the materials myself for the collection by using hand knitting machines and I sew it together by hand. I wanted the collection to have that handcrafted feel."
Where are you based?
I'm studying at the Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, although I'm originally from Gothenburg.
Why menswear?
At the moment I find men cooler to dress. I feel more free when I can't use myself as a point of reference.
How would you describe your style?
Fun, weird and at the moment my work is a lot about simplification.
What inspired you to put teddy bears heads in the collection?
I don't like the whole model/catwalk thing so I thought it would be fun to do something different.
What inspires you at the moment?
Paper artworks you did when you were a child, like snowflakes, cut-outs dolls and garlands.
Who are your favourite designers?
Oh, there are lots of people to admire, but at the moment Im more interested in what artists do. But Ive always been a fan of Patrik Söderstam and Henrik Vibskov.
Can you ever see yourself having your own label?
Yeah! But I'd prefer to start something with someone, I think it gets more interesting if you collaborate.
What are your plans for the future?
Finish school, get an apartment and work all over the world. And realize all these projects I have in my head.
Are you involved in any outside projects in other fields?
I'm doing an art project in collaboration with Hanna Lindblom, which is an ongoing project. Right now its about developing a method of making clothes in a new way and not work with traditional pattern cutting or draping.

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