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'Leading Lady' Fashion Film

The Pierre Debusschere shoot in the current issue of Dazed & Confused, styled by Katie Shillingford, is here shown in an exclusive Dazed Digital film...

It's been a while since I worked with Katie, but the very first fashion film I did for Dazed & Confused was with her. The 'Leading Lady' theme was her idea, she wanted to shoot a film about an early star of the motion pictures! Together we shaped the concept through sharing references and inspiration over email, at the same time as we were looking for the perfect girl to shoot. Sara Blomqvist was the obvious choice and I was pleased with her straight away.

Sara is amazing, she was the perfect model to photograph and film: she has a great character. I think she'd be a lovely actress, and there's no doubt she can make that difficult jump from modelling to films. As always, Katie did an amazing job on the styling; she found outfits that perfectly matched the story line, and for the film, Sara had no trouble at all moving freely in those clothes. Also the rest of the team matched the concept. Christian Eberhard and Hiromi Ueda really fitted the whole creative aspect. We worked really well and at the same time we had an amazing time! I hope you enjoy the film...

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