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Miharayasuhiro Menswear S/S11

Rose camouflage, 50's Americana and poncho jackets were all part of Miharayasuhiro’s spring summer collection

Set in front of a fictionally animated forest, Miharayasuhiro’s SS ’11 collection focused on two main themes; 1950’s Americana and an urban hiker look. Baseball-style number prints and University logos testified to the first one, ditto a grey, white and black US flag printed on jackets. To further the aesthetic, Miharayasuhiro had made a denim shirt inspired by a Levi’s jean jacket.

The nature/forest idea was equally strong visually. Sandals seemed to have been cut out of big suede Timberland style boot, and Miharayasuhiro’s camouflage was designed from flowers. Beige, brown and khaki dominated the colour palette, although towards the end, especially during the formal segment, black was the colour of choice.

Animated visuals accompanied the show and to illustrate the move from nature reveler to sleek party animal the birds and bees disappeared and the Eiffel Tower, drenched in lights of Paris’ nightlife, appeared. Miharayasuhiro presented a well-crafted collection and an interesting show: great in all ways possible!

Dazed Digital: What inspired you?
Miharayasuhiro: I read Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, which is about him living in cabin in the forest for two years. I was interested in the contrast between natural origins and urban life.

DD: I liked the poncho jacket…
Miharayasuhiro: Yes, I was inspired by tents. People survive in the wild by using tents, they can sleep everywhere - it’s a half poncho, half tent!

DD: What about the floral camouflage?
Miharayasuhiro: I took a picture of a rose and digitally made it into a print. I find army camouflage a bit depressing, but roses are smart and elegant.

DD: Favourite piece?
Miharayasuhiro: The half tent coat!

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