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Romain Kremer Menswear SS'11

Kremer's beach based spring summer collection brought out the life guard in his models and continued his futuristic take on the present

Always one to push himself and his audience into the future unknown, Romain Kremer continued his quest on Friday evening. This time he wasn’t so focused on what life –and what we wear – will look like in a distant future but more elements of contemporary times. Saying that, there were a few garments in the SS ’11 collection that felt a bit The Fifth Element, but in a good way.

After a relatively wearable AW collection, Kremer slightly went back to his more eccentric roots. Straps and built proof vest details were definitely part of the look. First in all white, then easing into navy, Kremer showed a section of robes before launching into white, grey and beige stripy jackets. A new direction came with the introduction of beige linen, contrasted with orange nylon. Paired up with his Mykita sunglasses, Romain Kremer’s final segment was a beautifully simple take on his flirt with futuristic, but natural, garments: sombrero hats with massive mosquito nets in neon yellow finished a strong Kremer collection.

Dazed Digital: What was the main idea behind the collection?
Romain Kremer: To have fun and to enjoy! I was really into the idea of summer and the beach, but not in sort of beach holiday way, more what’s happening around it; sailors, workers, life guards, scuba diving. I was playing what is technical and manly but not really seen as fashion.

DD: Quite often in your collections there’s a feeling that you are trying to be protective and support us…
Romain Kremer: Yeah, I’m protecting them against bad taste!

DD: Tell us about the sombrero hats with mosquito nets!
Romain Kremer: It was collaboration with a Belgian designer. I wanted to play with something very natural but at the same time technical.

DD: Yes, there were some more natural fabrics in the show as well…
Romain Kremer: I work with the past and future to find a balance. And there’s so much biologic stuff out there so I wanted to use aggressive rough and tough ancient fabrics, like linen.

DD: What was your favourite piece from the show?
Romain Kremer: The reflective silver body suit!