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Walter Van Beirendonck Menswear S/S11

Read My Skin, Van Beirendonck's spring summer collection, was colourful and full of checks, girdles and massive pearl jewellery

After a few long moments of bass heavy thunder, Walter van Beirendonck unleashed his vision for the future of the world; Faith, Hope & Fear. There might be despair around us, as the bug bullet holes in some of his tailoring showed, but all in all it was a bright and colourful mood in the show. Read My Skin was a positive collection, I guess faith and hope beat fear this time around.

Walter van Beirendonck kicked off with a few girdle outfits, playing around with the masculinity of his images and clothes. Checks were everywhere, often on jackets and trousers filled with pockets and utility details. Paisley prints and perforated cotton in light blue, yellow and pink pastels continued the upbeat themes. Mixed in with a few female models, Walter’s final exits was all about the jewellery. Pearls covered some models, creating garments on their own. Walter van Beirendonck’s world is one that we should strive to live in, unified in joy and happiness.

Dazed Digital: What did you look towards for inspiration this season?
Walter van Beirendonck: It was called ‘Read My Skin’ and it’s about changing world with loads of new skins. There is not one race or one country, only on humanity, so I wanted to show different sorts of people with different physics.

DD: There were loads of pastel colours in the collection, where those come from?
Walter van Beirendonck: I like pastels and I wanted to break with the bright colours from last season and to contrast the checks in this collection. I wanted to change and evolve…

DD: What about all the contrasts, the jewellery versus the sportswear for example?
Walter van Beirendonck: Yes, I like that contrast but the jewellery is like harness, it’s more armour than jewellery.

DD: Fave piece?
Walter van Beirendonck: Favourite model? Oh, you meant favourite piece? I really like the jewellery that we made in collaboration with Erickson Beamon.