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Tillman Lauterbach Menswear S/S11

Graceful models in double-breasted two-tone jackets drifted down the presentation on Saturday...

For his Spring Summer 2011 presentation, Tillman Lauterbach decided to show both his collection and the inspiration behind it. That’s the luxury of having a static presentation, rather than a fast paced catwalk show. Not that everything was standing still; models gracefully moved from room to room, wearing over sized T-shirts and grey jeans. Most tops and bottoms came long in the body, and in grey or black shades. A double-breasted jacket came with a strong belt to keep the slim silhouette. A smarter element came with formal trousers and a see-through shirt. Overall it was a great collection with a moody attitude but positive clothing.

Dazed Digital: It’s a quite dark and slim collection – what influenced you?
Tillman Lauterbach: I don’t work themes, I often get inspired by subjects quite far away from fashion. This season I looked at the fragility and strength of plants and nature in general. You can break a flower and it dies but the stem is always there and it will re-blossom, so it’s a nice contradiction.

DD: Tell us about the presentation:
Tillman Lauterbach: I used a lot of garbage and junk from our civilisation but it looks like flowers and other organic creatures. At the same time there are lots of real plants in the presentation that look almost a bit synthetic.

DD: So you used non-fabric materials?
Tillman Lauterbach: Yeah, I play with washes, treatments and volume, using really cheap construction site materials and other more luxurious ones, and that research is shown in the exhibition.

DD: Does the darkness represent doom and gloom?
Tillman Lauterbach: No, it’s a happy collection. It’s easy to wear and it’s in colours I like. I don’t want to wear strong neon colours. That just takes away the focus from the person underneath the fluorescent surface.

DD: Favourite item from the collection?
Tillman Lauterbach: The black silk cotton over sized T-shirt with side pockets.

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