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Viktor & Rolf Menswear S/S11

Dazed hook up with the Dutch duo and singer La Roux at the show...

Still opting for small and exclusive shows, Viktor & Rolf are in the business of organically growing their menswear line. And it’s working just fine. For their SS ’11 collection, the Dutch duo kept up their assault on quirky tailoring and unusual prints (a pair of sunglasses this time) to the electronic tunes of La Roux. The British popstar added a bit of glamour, but Viktor & Rolf didn’t really need any help that: quite a few of their tight tuxedo jackets had crystal-decorated lapels. Another reoccurring detail was the many belted jackets and coats, which gave the models an even taller and slimmer look.
Beige, off-white and brown dominated in general, but even more so in a great check parka that contained all those three colours. That was until a gorgeous turquoise aqua shade appeared. As La Roux launched into her ‘In For The Kill’, Viktor & Rolf sent out slightly over sized T-shirts that came on top over short sleeved shirts and ties. Otherwise the show was full of eveningwear, some of it in jersey fabrics. Going from strength to strength, Viktor & Rolf knows they don’t really need pop stars to get attention, but every little helps…
Dazed Digital: What was your inspiration?
Viktor & Rolf: We were influenced by 1940s seaside glamour. We wanted to create a relaxed chic look that mixed structured with unstructured. It was meant to look smart, young and elegant which isn’t always an easy combination.
DD: I like the T-shirt on top of the shirt/tie combo…
Viktor & Rolf: We’re always trying to mix formal with informal.
DD: You started a bag line this season – how would you describe it?
Viktor & Rolf: It has distinct sporty elements!
DD: Favourite item?
Viktor & Rolf: The check jeans.
DD: What’s your relation to Viktor & Rolf?
La Roux: I’ve always known about them but of late some of my friends have said that I need to check them out. The womenswear is kinda crazy, but I like the tailoring of the men’s line.
DD: How did the collaboration come about?
La Roux: They contacted me and after having been on the road for two years this was a no-brainer. Plus I love Paris…
DD: Any fave pieces from the show?
La Roux: The cream jackets and a pair of slip on shoes that look like African taxi driver shoes…