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Giorgio Armani Menswear S/S11

A surface of colour emerges at Armani HQ

PhotographyMarco Coppola

In the giant Armani HQ, Giorgio started the last day of Milan Menswear Week by chucking loads and loads of grey outfits at his loyal supporters. Sometimes in a combination with blue, but often alone, the grey shade dominated the catwalk – but in a good way. What other colour do you know that matches every other single FF there is? Tight waistcoats were the tops of choice, whilst loose and pleated trousers contrasted down below. Loads of short and casual jackets came out, and the more tailored ones had flowing lapels, or even hoods attached.
There was a brief moment of colour when Giorgio opted for a strong yellow and green touch. A more subtle shade of the latter colour surfaced in the shape of moss green desert boots. They’re sure to sell well, but that cannot be said for the multi coloured graphic silk pants that appeared towards the end. Nevertheless, Giorgio Armani’s collection ooze stylish quality, and that – no matter trends or seasons – is surefire winner.

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