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Roberto Cavalli Menswear S/S11

The Italian master of glamour puts on an open-air show with fringe jackets and embroidered tuxedos... Just how we want it!

PhotographyMarco Coppola

The Saturday headline slot, just after Prada, belonged to the long time champion of Italian extravaganza, Roberto Cavalli. The veteran designer always takes it upon himself to inject a bit of glamour at his shows, and this time around was no exception. It was, as often, a quite formal and party orientated event. The opening piece at Cavalli’s open-air show venue was a tuxedo jacket with silver embroidered lapels, followed by evening suits decorated with fringe.

Electric blue and shades of red dominated the colour palette. But also white trousers and jackets impressed. More often than not, Roberto Cavalli had doubled up his shirts and left them unbuttoned to the belly button! The silk trousers came in intricate prints and was left to flow freely and comfortable in the early evening breeze. A few pieces took a more modest approach; most notably a gracious suede jacket with Nehru collars. But it is of course for the sartorial hedonism that we love Roberto…

Dazed Digital: What inspired this SS ’11 collection?
Roberto Cavalli: To cater for men who love to show their personalities. I want to my clothes to take out the personalities that every person have inside, because what you wear can change your life.

DD: How would you describe the colour palette?
Roberto Cavalli: There were strong colours, like lots of black, and some dark blue and red shades. Strong but dusty…

DD: It’s a quite graphic collection…
Roberto Cavalli: Yes, lots of prints, for example on the silk sarouellepants. The prints are like a new accessory for men.

DD: What’s your favourite piece in the show?
Roberto Cavalli: The blazers – I think the proportions are perfect this time and I would like every man on earth to try one!