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Christopher Shannon S/S'10 Back Stage Film

London designer Shannon gives Dazed Digital readers an insight into the world of London Fashion Week and the work behind his current collection

London designer Christopher Shannon is right on the money. If well-designed and quirky sportswear is what the people want, then let's give it to them. And that's what Shannon does. His S/S'10 collection Lens is an excellent example of great fabrics working hand in hand with lux colour combinations, creating a subtle and wearable collection that still is clever enough to get you noticed....for all the right reasons! Dazed spoke to Shannon about summer plans and nautical details...

Dazed Digital: Is the fake tan on the models part of the CS summer look?

Christopher Shannon: We'd done make up before and I really liked how bold and graphic it was so wanted to continue it.  St Tropez seemed like the ultimate tan company so we called them, they arrived with their team and big spraying machine and we took it from there.  I've also always really admired Oliviero Toscani and wanted that kind of Benetton beat to the casting and beauty, I think its a much more positive image than just using miserable agency boys.   Plus doing make up for men is well hard with out it looking ridiculous so you may as well embrace it.

DD: There were lots of synthetic fabrics - won't that be hot summertime?
Christopher Shannon: They are breathable fabrics! It seems pretty retarded to design to the elements when they are so changeable, I suppose the only thing we know is winter is freezing.

DD: Or did you have a rainy Brit summer in mind?
Christopher Shannon: Nah, not really, but I suppose it doubles up. I have in mind more the things people do actually wear. No matter what the weather I never want to see draped jersey harem pants and some foul and over-designed jacket.

DD: There were lots of blue shades and chains - do I detect nautical influences?
Christopher Shannon: When we started the print I was feeling a bit Elizabeth Duke, but as it came together it started looking a bit more Chanel scarf, either way is a winner really. All the printed pieces sold out super fast so that was nice.

DD: You were influenced by local tacky shops for this Lens collection - what's the best thing you've ever bought in a pound shop?
Christopher Shannon: Hmm, it's actually been a while. When I was on the MA I found this pound shop that sold A4 paper that went through my printer really well and made all the colours of my work look super nice, so I went back and bought loads but it has since been discontinued. Apart from that OCD answer, I remember getting this amazing re-usable plastic bag, it was in the shape of boxer shorts and had a really nice LA skyline graphic on. Oh, and that one in Dalston always has Mariah Carey carrier bags which are pretty special, although I'd prefer Joni Mitchell ones...

DD: You design a form of sportswear - is that easier for the S/S collection rather than a A/W season?
Christopher Shannon: Not really. I don't think in terms of ease, more just about what it is I actually want to do at the time, there are nice things about both seasons. After doing a heavy layered A/W you do kind of feel like stripping it back a bit. Sometimes you need a bit of skin to make summer feel up!

DD: Any plans for the summer?
Christopher Shannon: Yeah, a bit of a canal holiday, sometime in the south of France and a jaunt to LA, all when I'm not working in the studio ALL THE TIME...

Get hold of Christopher Shannon's S/S'10 collection HERE