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Marios Schwab x Mykita

The Berlin-based sunglasses brand teams up with Marios Schwab for a new eyewear line

Inspired by the versatility of flipbooks and the possibility of different combinations and stories, Marios Schwab's new sunglasses line with Mykita allows the wearer to mix and match designs. The sunglasses brand hailing from Berlin invited the influential designer to create an exclusive range for them. Schwab's designs with thin sheets of stainless steel that can be folded into shape are available in two models, Hamilton and Jane, created for summer. The Hamilton style, named after the character Linda Hamilton in Terminator no less, was created for a woman not to be messed with, featuring a horizontal bar on the frames with two small circular lenses to form an industrial looking yet sleek design. The Jane however, is the softer counterpart with larger lenses and harks back to Lennon or Yoko Ono with an English eccentricity.