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Skin And Bone

Roberto Cavalli presents artist Laszlo LL Papp's installations in Milan

Hungarian artist Laszlo LL Papp interrupted his engineering course to devote his time to in-depth study of anatomical sciences, a subject that fascinated him so much that now he has been inspired to create unique pieces that convey his emotions through the details. Each one of his creations goes through a lengthy production procedure by hand, working the wood and smoothing it without altering its natural colour. The results are frame-like sculptures, with wooden armour like shells that wrap around, embrace and protect.

To coincide with the 49th International Furniture Show in Milan running from 14 to 19 April 2010, the Roberto Cavalli Boutique at 42 Via della Spiga will be featuring unique installations in fine wood by the artist. The five works by Laszlo LL Papp will be housed at the Roberto Cavalli boutique, interacting with clothes and accessories from the S/S 2010 collection, including 'Bone Cabinet’, a dresser in Italian Walnut with glass shelves, mounted on a chrome-plated steel base, and the ‘Bone Cradle’, in Italian Walnut, mounted on a chrome-plated steel base.

The ‘Made In China‘ piece is a wardrobe in American Tulip Poplar with chrome-plated steel base created with computer-elaborated collage of images, enlarged and printed directly on the wood. The 18 images are taken from 16th century paintings to represent current problems in China; whilst ‘India’ is a covered in a collage of 18 images taken from 16th century paintings with a similar sentiment.

Roberto Cavalli presents works by Laszlo LL Papp, 42 Via della Spiga, Milan