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Mundi at Reykjavik Fashion Festival

Icelandic designer impresses with paint splatter and pot plants

The Iceland Design Center organised a design event in Reykjavík called Design March, which covers all sides of Icelandic design (product, graphic, architecture, fashion etc.). This is year, they focused on fashion and planned several interesting projects, including a collaboration with the Reykjavik Fashion Festival (RFF) for fashion shows of Icelandic designers. DJ's and bands performed live over the course of the event, including Peaches and Ladytron. 23-year-old Icelandic fashion designer and visual artist Mundi showed his fifth collection during this Reykjavik Fashion Festival. Part of the Icelandic Art Group MoM's, Mundi not only designs but also performs at numerous art galleries. Here, he talks to Dazed Digital about his collection and the RFF.

Dazed Digital: How long have you been designing?
Mundi: I have been designing clothes since I was nineteen, so that's four years ago now.

DD: Why did you become interested in fashion?
Mundi: I kind of fell into it, I did one sweater and then one thing led to another. I like that a knitting machine works like a printer. I studied graphic design in the Academy of visual arts her in Iceland, so knitting fabrics was totally new and existing for me. Shortly after, I realised that I could make an impact on the fashion industry with my graphics, so I thought it was worth giving it a shot. Back then, of course, I didn't know what the fuck I was doing but somehow it seemed to work out.

DD: Where are you based?
Mundi: On a small and cold island far up in the north, called Iceland. I seriously have to move to the mainland, because the isolation during the winter here in Iceland can be quite intense. But the summers are fucking amazing, the sun never goes down and Reykjavík becomes insane!

DD: What was the theme for your new collection and what influenced it?
Mundi: Snakes and fish from outer space. The contrast between the liquid curves in nature against the hard geometry of our man made surroundings.

DD: What do you think about Icelandic fashion scene?
Mundi: The scene was just born, so I think lot of the best is yet to come. People are unafraid to be unique here, which gives the scene a sense of not knowing whats going to happen next which is exiting, it's fun to be a part of such a growing environment, it's truly different from the rest of the industry.

DD: Can you tell us about Reykjavik Fashion Festival?
Mundi: It's the first collective fashion event ever to make sense in Iceland. A selection of Iceland's 20 most successful designers has been put together to make a rich two-night show. After each day, there's various great after parties in Iceland´s crazy night life. I think who ever comes to RFF No. 2 will have an amazing and unique experience.

DD: I saw Peaches were wearing your collection on the stage at RFF event. How did it happen?
Mundi: Well, Nick Knowles, the guy who got her to come and perform at the final gig of RFF,  showed her one of my look books. So I went down to the concert hall on the day of the gig with a big bag of clothes I thought she might like and she immediately fell in love with my massive gold tube jacket. She is going to Berlin to do a great 'Peaches Christ Super Star' show and she will be wearing it in that too! Then I got totally wasted with her and a good group of people after the concert, which I have now recollection of, at first I thought it was a shame but when I saw photos the mooring after and then I figured that some things are best forgotten.

DD: What do you do when you are not working on your collection?
Mundi: I play a lot of computer games and watch a lot of anime. Well, during the winter you don't really hang outside that much. During the summer, though, it's of course the opposite - then I like just staying outside and doing what ever comes to mind.

DD: I heard you are part of the Icelandic Art Group MoM's. Can you tell us about it?
Mundi: We do massive drawings overloaded with ugly details that in the end come together as one amazing painting. It's an art collective of three artists, including me, and we have travelled all over the world doing performances and shows, especially in collaboration with the Gelitin group, which is the coolest art group in the world today. We have taken part in the biggest art fairs in the world, including the Frieze art fair in London, the Venice Biennial, Artissima, and next it's the Fiac in Paris, so be sure to spot us out at the Susanne Van Hagen booth.

DD: What are your plans for the future?
Mundi: To get out of the atmosphere see earth from above while feeling zero gravity.

DD: Where can we buy your designs?
Mundi: KTZ in Paris, Kniq in Hong Kong, Destination shop in Amsterdam, Daly Projects in Korea, and of course in my own Mundi´s boutique Reykjavík.