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Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Womenswear A/W10

The Westwood girl this season lives in a house, a very big house in the country.

PhotographyMorgan O'Donovan

There's always something of a romp running through all Vivienne Westwood's shows where clothes are designed to make a lot of noise whilst wearing. This season's wild rumpus began with shaggy coats, head scarfs, blanket wraps and a take on peasant wear from some hybrid century. The country romp continued into a scribble paint print concocted into draped and knotted dresses and jackets. There was also something of a rich girl reference as a model talked on her imaginary mobile phone whilst wearing a shiny black raincoat and toted an "it" bag. Westwood mined plenty of British-isms and expectedly twisted them to ensure everything was suitable dishevelled. The finale run of dresses all naturally had something of the 18th century/Victoriana running through them but most importantly, the celebratory spirit of this collection was followed through, reminding us of the best of what Westwood does.
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