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Lacoste Womenswear A/W10

From frosty greys to juicy brights, Christopher Lemaire injects volume and pop.

PhotographyMark Reay

It's increasingly a shame that a lot of the Club line by Lacoste doesn't make it to the stores. "The reality of early sell-in periods and increasingly demanding delivery schedules means that some of the special pieces we have made for past shows never had a chance commercially," explains Christophe Lemaire. To remedy this a capsule collection named Lacoste Studio will definitely go into stores. Hopefully, more effort will be given to sending everything from the monochromatic icy grey coats in oversized proportions and funnel-collared dresses will go into production. Then there's the popping colour blocking that was paired with a stretching of the classic polo into a bolero-like cape. Layering and longer lengths were key with the extra-long leggings, long skirts and elongated sweatshirts. We spoke to Lemaire to find out about these juicy brights.

Dazed Digital: You're always very good and referring to the Lacoste archives - what did you look at this time?
Christophe Lemaire: I do always look at archives but this season it wasn't really about Lacoste archives but it was more about early 80s French magazines like L'Officiel or Marie Claire with their colour blocking stories.

DD: Where did those specific colour blocking colours come from?
Christophe Lemaire: I wanted to make colour blocking in a sophisticated way. I wanted to make it bright and pop but sophisticated at the same time. So the yellow is a bit mustard. The green is a very 'Lacoste'

DD: But you also had a very monochromatic portion at the beginning of the Club line?
Christophe Lemaire: Yes, I wanted that to be very calm and elegant, definitely, a sort of quiet elegance.

DD: How do you differentiate from the Club line now that you have this Studio line that will be available in stores?
Christophe Lemaire: The idea is to actually try and bring more and more of the Club line into the stores as so many people ask for the stuff they see on the catwalks.

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