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Photo by Morgan O'Donovan

Alexander Wang Womenswear A/W10

From Wall Street bankers to gypsies, Wang once again steps up his game.

Such is the commercial appeal of Alexander Wang's clothes that you distinctly know when someone has been Wang-Attacked and evidently, there was a countless gaggle of Wang pieces jostling in the Pier 94 space, all pledging their allegiance to their boy. However it seems that every season, Wang is pushing himself further to try and sidestep the cliches that inevitably dog his work. So just as Wang's take on American football uniforms was riffed and teased beyond recognition, we find ourselves facing a version of the three-piece suit that is about as far away from Savile Row as you get. Exposed, layered and broken down, the suiting becomes flirtatious, bordering on salacious when paired with thigh highs spats and a hip-swaying attitude. Backpacks trailing behind though gave the suits a schoolgirl appeal. Then without too much of a jerk, we suddenly had all manners of velvet pieces coming down that recalled movies like The Craft. Wang was giving it all he had to make it contemporary and light and with dresses of flowing sleeves, attached capes, cut with lace and chiffon, perhaps there is a bit of hidden gypsy in us that we may inexplicably wish to tap into next season. Blame it on the Wang effect.     

Dazed Digital: Tell us about the first portion where you deconstructed the suiting?
Alexander Wang: I wanted this season to have this buttoned up, strict pristine feeling in the suiting. It's well-tailored men's jacket but taking that idea and not make it boring, dated and conservative. It's the silhouette of kind of making the shoulders really tight and then longer in the sleeves so that it goes past the hands and taking off all the buttons off the jacket so that it almost becomes like a layering piece like a cardigan. Then taking the jacket from the top and using it as a skirt, the lapel and using it as a bra top.
It's the new idea of the three piece suit for our girl!

DD: You really managed to make pinstripe look alluring! Well you know, it was really fun!
Alexander Wang: I probably say this every season but I had a lot of fun this season, pushing myself into new areas again.

DD: How did you then progress to velvet?
Alexander Wang: I was looking at ideas of gypsies. It was really about velvet du jour and making velvet pieces for every occasion. So there was crinkled velvet, panne velvets, velours, chenielles. We really wanted to make it relevant and modern for our girl because it can be an intimidating fabric. So we made it sexy, cutting it with chiffon, and just giving it a really 3- dimensional feel where it doesn't feel bulky at all.

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