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David David Gives us T

The print master returns to his roots with a collection of printed tees, vests and dresses.

David David may have taken his distinct graphic prints to more evolved designs in recent seasons but with this T001 collection, he returns to his roots with a range of classic t-shirts, vests and dresses in soft jersey cotton. The all-over brush stroke prints are a reminder of a time when David Saunders would paint each piece individually. The collection was also shot in Saunders' studio where he lives and work where we might be treated to a cuppa or two and so we quickly quizzed him about his take on tees and tea.
DD: What makes a great tee?
David Saunders: A big splash, sharp and sweet, your own billboard message

DD: What goes with your tee?
David Saunders: Comfy jeans pants socks sneakers

DD: Who makes your tea?
David Saunders: Me of course, no one ever gets it quite perfect

DD: What goes with your tea?
David Saunders: My ability to stop daydreaming (it goes when I drink tea)

David David T001 collection soon to be available online. Check the website for stockists.

Photography Jenny and Lee
Styling Karin Peterson
Hair Sarah Tyrrell
Make-Up Gemma Collingwood
Models Margo at Premier and Hakan at Bookings