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Orbs of the Arboreal

Artist Matt Sewell designs for the Eastpak store on London's Carnaby Street

For the launch of a new Eastpak pop-up Gallery on Carnaby Street, artist Matt Sewell will be presenting a collection entitled 'Orbs of the Arboreal'. Sewell will be showing a new collection of paintings and installations featuring figurines from his "Charmed from the trees" series of wooden birds, psycho-energetic artifacts of the undergrowth' and new life. Matt Sewell is the first artist onboard to launch the “Eastpak Gallery” concept, hailing from Northeast England and now based in London. He draws on his rural heritage, fusing fairytale-like narratives, natural geometry, psychedelic landscapes, utopian dreams and wildlife as influences and has exhibited in Melbourne, Osaka, Barcelona, Berlin and Tokyo and has worked with the likes of Paul Smith.

The Eastpak Gallery will be open and free to the public, providing an opportunity for talented, urban creatives to present and sell their work in a new environment, enabling these artists to reach a much larger audience.

Eastpak Gallery, launches Friday 29th January 2010, Eastpak Icon Store - No.1 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9QF