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Romain Kremer Menswear A/W10

A happy compromise was made between Kremer's singular raver point of view and ultimate wearability.

Romain Kremer has made a name for himself during the last few Paris seasons as being just about as avant garde as anyone can be. A year or so ago we saw neon dresses on his catwalk, and his spring summer collection boasted body socks. So of course everyone was surprised when what came out on the Garage catwalk on Sunday afternoon was, you know, wearable!

Fairly sporty and casual fabrics and silhouettes in beige and black dominated. Sure, Kremer played with the length of his tops, making some of them very short. But that was adjusted with trousers with a high waist. After a while we launched into a section with stronger colours; turquoise and bright red shone a bright light from the catwalk. But the clothes were still not too extravagant. Mostly they were long jackets and coats, all of them collarless, track suit-looking bottoms and great jackets with subtle leather details.

Towards the end, though, Romain Kremer couldn’t resist the temptation to shock us a bit. Out came – first in the shape of jumpers – a plastic fur fabric. Soon the coat version followed. Most models also wore sunglasses that also functioned as a protective plate for their foreheads. Everyone – those who craved a more mainstream direction and the ones who cherish Romain’s undeniable individuality - left satisfied and fulfilled.

Dazed Digital: It was very wearable compared to previous collections!
Roman Kremer: Yeah, I was just in a situation where that was possible. I have always wanted to develop the collections in this way, and now I could!

DD: What inspired you?
Roman Kremer: The transformation from wool to plastic, from matte to shiny, human to robot and flesh to machine.

DD: What was that plastic fur on tops and coats?
Roman Kremer: It’s a special development we did for this season. It’s fake fur made out of Latex.

DD: What’s your favourite piece from the show?
Roman Kremer: The sunglasses!