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Carly Margolis' mythical designs in gold, silver and oxidized brass explore the ancient worlds

Having only been designing for little over a year, Carly Margolis aka the brains behind quirky jewellery brand ALLFORTHEMOUNTAIN has created modern gems plucked from the mythical world. Using oxidized brass, silver and gold, her chunky rings, necklaces and collar pieces are a result of her 'accidental' jewellery career. "I wasn't planning on becoming a jeweller," Margolis claims, "but I'm having so much fun so I'm going with it for now."

Dazed Digital: There are a lot of gold triangles and geometric shapes in your designs, what is it about these images that draws them to you? Were you influenced by myths and folklore considering the Ancient Grecian and Egyptian aspects?
Carly Margolis: I've always been fascinated by the pyramids and ziggurats of ancient cultures and their mythologies and then I met my boyfriend Matthew who is a walking encyclopedia of platonic solids so he threw a few more angles in there. Tonight we are building a pyramid in our tiny bedroom to test out their alleged paranormal properties... Not only are they said to improve health, they also supposedly trigger sexual urges, preserve foods and maintain the sharpness of razor blades! I mean... mysterious healing energies!

DD: What is 'the Sacred Mountain'?
Carly Margolis: The Mountain has come to represent a lot. My boyfriend and I are in the process of recording an album right now under the name 'Manifestival: A Living Sacrifice' (not to be confused with Living Sacrifice, the Christian Metal band). We moved to the Catskill mountains of NY set up an art studio in a little abandoned cabin in the woods. With all the time I had I got really into carving in wax and teaching myself the basics of metalsmithing. From there an entire collection was born: the 'Sacred Mountain Collection'.

The name came about because while we were up there he and I were designing concept dream homes for ourselves and we decided to start saving up to buy land and build a home all by ourselves (as he's an artist/carpenter). The house was going to look like an actual mountain (Think a psychedelic Matterhorn in the style of architect Javier Senosiain meets Robert Venturi's The Light Of Truth Universal Shrine).

I built the website to have a place where we can sell whatever inspires us in the moment: jewellery, furniture, objects... to support the mountain which has come to represent everything really - the dream; the freedom to create art, music and so on. And after living near Woodstock where everyone is a 'healer' and everything is 'sacred', a huge part of my aesthetic became both a mockery and a celebration of all things New Age. I'm shocked when people tell me they didn't get the irony of the website, but then again those that know me expect to find my living space laden with crystals and smudge sticks...

DD: What are you trying to achieve with your designs?
Carly Margolis: The collection is inspired by sacred objects of past and future. The pieces are meant to look like they could either be found ancient relics from an indigenous Meso-American civilization or a futuristic sci-fi symbol (the Palace Brick ring and collar). They are meant to resemble miniature kingdoms. The Drip V Bolo is a play on the Native American bolo tie that could be mistaken for a futuristic sci-fi badge. People have joked I should sell the collection at the Star Trek Convention or that the Palace Brick ring reminds them of a symbol from the Fifth Element - I take that as a compliment.

DD: What would be the ideal soundtrack to your collection?
Carly Margolis: Hmm, that's such a tough one. If I had to choose one album it would be this band that's blowing my mind in the studio this week: Citay - 'Little Kingdom'. Makes me feel like I'm in high school again, stoned and hearing music for the first time. They can shred! And their proggy arpeggios and ethereal voices are insanely uplifting (and hilarious) and the alblum is entitled Little Kingdom which seems appropo.