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Louise Gray Takes the Blame

We take a closer look at Louise Gray and Judy Blame's accessories collaboration for S/S 10.

Louise Gray's S/S 10 collection for the 'babes' of London was fittingly accessorised in a collaboration with none other than London style legend Judy Blame. Taking inspiration from the term of endearment "trashbag", that they call each other, this is where the bags and sacks that were knotted onto shoes and rucksacks came from. Blame's own particular style of recycled jewellery lends itself well to Gray's 'anything-goes' attitude in this collection, as trash is turned into treasure and used to embellish the pieces. On collaboration with Gray, Blame says, "Me and Louise really come from the same thing where we love crafting a piece of clothing or accessory and I knew immediately that we'd get on."

Dazed Digital: How did you hook up with Judy Blame?
Louise Gray: The collection was inspired by london in the 80s/90s, For me Judy is the person that changed so much in that time, through his work, and in the Face magazine, it seemed almost like I couldn't do it without asking him. We had
spent a lot of time in the summer at Jeanettes boutique, with me quizzing him about all his stories.

DD: What is it about Blame's work that attracted you?
Louise Gray: The raw decorative quality, it's so pop in its approach, and that he is so able to have fun within that. I am a big admirer of him and it was super fun

DD: Tell us something nobody knows about Judy!
Louise Gray: He has banana for breakfast.